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Scaling the Revenue Engine–Chapter 5: Value Proposition

Your company’s value proposition and its value proposition are linked. As a tech company CEO, you understand the power of technology to change the world. Every sector of the global economy is under continuous invention and recreation; technology’s forward march is relentless. In this march, tech companies (led by their CEOs) stride forward in a long, ragged line. Some peter out. Some fall away. Only the best accelerate. For theRead more


Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 4: Customer Segmentation

Smart segmentation sparks scaling. You have a product. It makes the unworkable workable; the unavoidable and urgent easier. On some dimension of personal or corporate need (status, affiliation, safety, ease of use, cost, speed, etc.), your product wins big. Segmentation can only emerge from this: the solid foundation of a compelling product. Without it, you have nothing. Once you’ve nailed basic product / market fit, however, proper segmentation isRead more


Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 3 :  Mission, Vision, Values

Mission mobilizes. Vision visualizes. Values vitalize. Mission, vision, and values are the big three. They inform your market focus — the customers you seek, and those you don’t. They paint a picture of the world you hope to create. They stipulate the agreed upon norms. If these bold proclamations are to be respected, every person in your company will hold every leader in your company accountable. Yes, your topRead more


Key Steps to Create a Transcendent Culture by CEO of FiveStars

Victor Ho, FiveStars CEO discusses the key steps to create a transcendent culture – interviewed by Tom Mohr, Founder and CEO at CEO Quest


Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 2: Revenue Engine Maturity Model

Mature or not mature? That is the question. As a tech company CEO, caught in the throes of crisis de jour, it’s often hard to devote any time to a thoughtful, sequential build-out of the revenue engine. You just need more sales now: nothing else matters. But smart tech startup CEOs figure out how to progress steadily through clearly defined stages of maturity while simultaneously delivering the day-to-day unit sales,Read more

Revenue Engine Chapter 1

Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 1: Revenue Engine Overview

Chapter 1: The Revenue Engine Overview Webinar by Tom Mohr and Bill Portelli on 12/9/2016 Only 0.14 percent of the 60,000 software companies that received funding in the past decade have become unicorns (companies worth $1 billion or more) [1]. Thirty percent of these lost their entire invested capital, and 70 percent failed to achieve projected ROI (in other words, they had an unsuccessful exit) [2]. An article publishedRead more


The Riddle Cracker’s Manifesto: Part 2

In Defense of the Founding CEO In Part 1, an approach to leadership was presented to guide the founding CEO’s scaling of a company from white board drawing to greatness. At every stage, CEO effectiveness is determined by the ability to crack the right riddle at the right time. As a company scales there are key riddle stages: prove the idea, prove the product, prove the market, prove theRead more


The Riddle Cracker’s Manifesto: Part 1

In Defense of the Founding CEO Consider this a call to arms. Founding tech CEOs are in peril. The risk to their jobs growing steadily as they scale. Given all they have given, the fact that so many founding CEOs falter is tragic. How can we help these startup heads hold the helm as they lead their companies from stage to stage on the path towards greatness? Is thereRead more