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[Webinar] Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 3: Mission, Vision, and Values

Tom Mohr, Founder and CEO of CEO Quest, presents a research-backed, best practice approach to crafting mission, vision, and values statements that set the foundations of company culture and successful scaling in your tech startup. Guest David Kopp, CEO of Healthline Media, shares how mission, vision, and values work drove behaviors that directly impacted high growth in 2016. This webinar covers material from Chapter 3: Vision, Mission and Values in ScalingRead more


Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 3 :  Mission, Vision, Values

Mission mobilizes. Vision visualizes. Values vitalize. Mission, vision, and values are the big three. They inform your market focus — the customers you seek, and those you don’t. They paint a picture of the world you hope to create. They stipulate the agreed upon norms. If these bold proclamations are to be respected, every person in your company will hold every leader in your company accountable. Yes, your topRead more