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Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 6: Competitive Positioning

Proper positioning packs punch and parts the pack. Competitive positioning is a bold, defensible claim. You start with the market and top priority segments you serve. You consider the competitive dynamic. You evaluate major trends. You glean your essential value as captured in your Value Proposition, Chapter 5 of Scaling the Revenue Engine. Using all of these (the market, competitor positions, trends, and your key value attributes), you createRead more

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Scaling the Revenue Engine–Chapter 5: Value Proposition

Your company’s value proposition and its value proposition are linked. As a tech company CEO, you understand the power of technology to change the world. Every sector of the global economy is under continuous invention and recreation; technology’s forward march is relentless. In this march, tech companies (led by their CEOs) stride forward in a long, ragged line. Some peter out. Some fall away. Only the best accelerate. For theRead more