The Method

The purpose of CEO Quest is to accelerate
CEO effectiveness. We want to help CEOs
make more and more efficient use
of money and time, make their products
better and better faster and faster,
and win and keep more and more customers.

To do this, CEOs who meet CEO Quest criteria
are invited to join a small group in which participating CEOs share wisdom and experience. Quarterly meetings provide the opportunity for substantive engagement. Between meetings, Mohr provides mentorship and support.

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The Model

Founder CEOs must bring their Belief
to life in these four key zones:


The act of Design, led by the CEO, is the force that brings a high-promise company from conception through early-stage growth, scaling, ultimately, towards greatness.

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CEO Profile


Tom Mohr is CEO of CEO Quest, which offers a “dojo” of sharing, coaching and support to increase CEO effectiveness, thereby accelerating company velocity.