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Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 9: Pricing and Packaging

Precise pricing powers profit. In Microeconomics 101, you learn that companies should price to maximize the area under the demand curve: Demand curves should be estimated by segment. For a SaaS product, the x-axis (“Price per Unit”) becomes “Price per Package,” with Package indicating the average package for the segment (made up of a defined quantity tier). The y-axis (“Number of Units”) becomes “Number of Customers,” like this: Estimating theRead more


[Webinar] Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapters 5 & 6: Value Proposition and Competitive Positioning

Tom Mohr, Founder and CEO of CEO Quest, presents a research-backed, best practice methodology to ensure powerful value propositions and stand-out competitor positioning for optimal, sustained growth and successful scaling in your tech startup. Guests Mark Brewer, CEO of Lightbend, and Ashish Thusoo, CEO of Qubole, share their experience with creating unique value propositions and competitive positioning based on the wants & needs of distinct ideal customer profiles. ThisRead more


[Webinar] Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 7: Brand Identity

Tom Mohr, Founder and CEO of CEO Quest, presents a research-backed, best practice methodology for a practical, intelligent brand identity process that ensures traction and scalability in your tech startup. Guest David Kopp, CEO of Healthline Media, shares the company’s brand identity document and his experience creating brand assets that communicate to Healthline Media’s top customer profiles. This webinar covers material from Chapter 7: Brand Identity in Scaling theRead more


Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 7: Brand Identity

 You are whom you can credibly claim to be. Brand identity is the comprehensive expression of your aspirational self-image. Built upon the foundations of smart segmentation, distinctive value proposition, and clear competitive positioning, it is the final step in brand development. It’s important to remember that your brand’s value ultimately depends on just one thing: the meaning attached to it by the buyers and users in your target market.Read more


Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 6: Competitive Positioning

Proper positioning packs punch and parts the pack. Competitive positioning is a bold, defensible claim. You start with the market and top priority segments you serve. You consider the competitive dynamic. You evaluate major trends. You glean your essential value as captured in your Value Proposition, Chapter 5 of Scaling the Revenue Engine. Using all of these (the market, competitor positions, trends, and your key value attributes), you createRead more

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Scaling the Revenue Engine–Chapter 5: Value Proposition

Your company’s value proposition and its value proposition are linked. As a tech company CEO, you understand the power of technology to change the world. Every sector of the global economy is under continuous invention and recreation; technology’s forward march is relentless. In this march, tech companies (led by their CEOs) stride forward in a long, ragged line. Some peter out. Some fall away. Only the best accelerate. For theRead more


Scaling the Revenue Engine — Chapter 4: Customer Segmentation

Smart segmentation sparks scaling. You have a product. It makes the unworkable workable; the unavoidable and urgent easier. On some dimension of personal or corporate need (status, affiliation, safety, ease of use, cost, speed, etc.), your product wins big. Segmentation can only emerge from this: the solid foundation of a compelling product. Without it, you have nothing. Once you’ve nailed basic product / market fit, however, proper segmentation isRead more